Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Five-Two Vol. 3 Available for Amazon Kindle

Collects our third year of fifty-two poems. Featuring Austin Alexis, F.J. Bergmann, Tom Brzezina, Stevie Cenko, Ann Clark, Louie Clay, Randall Compton, Robert Cooperman, Dalton Day, Kristina England, Matt Forrest Esenwine, Peter M. Gordon, Amy Holman, Paul Hostovsky, Scott T. Hutchison, Rosemarie Keenan, Elizabeth Lash, Linda Lerner, Lauren McBride, Catfish McDaris, Rachel Lynn McGuire, Tim McLafferty, Wilda Morris, Sarah Nichols, Steve Peacock, Joseph S. Pete, David S. Pointer, Charles Rammelkamp, William G. Rector, Linda Rodriguez, Mehnaz Sahibzada, Seamus Scanlon, Nancy Scott, Kathleen Shaw, Toby Speed, Allen Stein, Sasha Swarup-Deuser, Terry Trowbridge, Ken Tufford, H.B. Ussach, Catherine Wald, Tiffany Washington, Kayla Wheeler, Angel Zapata.

Ebook Amazon Kindle $3.99 US | Also available via Amazon's international sites

Contributors, contact me for your complimentary copy. Thanks again for your great work.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Charles Rammelkamp


At the rest area on the Ohio Turnpike
I stopped at Starbucks for a cup of coffee.
Ahead of me stood a girl in a uniform,
another teenager who worked
at one of the fast-food kiosks in the food court.

The boy waiting on customers read her nametag,
asked if she were related to Nancy Ewing.
They probably lived in the same school district.

"And I'm not related to Patrick Ewing, either,"
the girl teased, flirting.

"Who? I don’t think I know him."

"I thought you were a big basketball fan,"
the girl teased again.
"I thought you knew all the players."

"Must have been before my time,"
the boy shrugged,
struggling to find a way to impress her.

"Played for the Knicks," I butted in.
"College star at Georgetown.
My brother-in-law knew him
at Rindge High in Cambridge."

They both looked at me,
looked at each other,

"Well, at least you've got LeBron James back,"
I said, regretting my interruption,
nodding at the gaudy T-shirts
on display in the gift shop.

"I hate him," the boy muttered.
"The Middle East is falling apart
and he's all the newspapers can talk about."

I left the boy a big tip.

Charles reads "King James":

Charles confesses: "Driving back to Baltimore from northern Michigan, where we'd spent two weeks by a lake, isolated from the constant bombardment of the news, my wife and I stopped at a rest area on the Ohio Turnpike for a cup of coffee and a restroom break. The news was full of the Ukraine dispute, Hamas and Israel at each other’s throats, Gaza up in flames, ISIS running amok in Iraq and Syria, the Guatemalan refugee crisis. But all the regional Cleveland media seemed to care about was the return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers."

CHARLES RAMMELKAMP lives in Baltimore. His latest books are Fusen Bakudan (2012) from Time Being Books and Mixed Signals (2014) from Finishing Line Press. Charles edits an online literary journal called The Potomac.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sunday, October 26: Writers Read - Dog Stories at The Cell

Five-Two alum Catherine Wald is among ten writers reading this Sunday, 2:00–4:00 P.M. at The Cell (338 W. 23rd Street, NYC). More information.

A-Z Challenge: G

To maintain the flow of submissions year-round, each week I'll challenge you to write about crimes beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet. We'll cycle through the alphabet twice a year. Notice we will come back to A in the second week of September, The Five-Two's anniversary.

This week's letter is G. That can refer to gangster, grifter, gun, etc. The challenge is, of course, optional. The Five-Two is open to any interpretation of crime, poems about being wronged, anything that strikes you as "criminal".