Monday, March 1, 2021

Jess Chua


I should’ve known the first time you brought back flowers.

To watch them bloom so beautifully
Then wilt so tragically

Like how our love at first did bloom
Before deceit followed into the bedroom

The charade finally ended
With petals dipped in (your) blood

Left crushed on the ground
As I stepped over and made my way around

The body of someone who once promised so much more than flowers.

Jess reads "I Should've Known":

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Jess confesses: "I felt sad watching a dying bouquet of previously bright and cheery flowers that my boyfriend had brought home. It made me think about a dying relationship and how romance can turn lethal."

JESS CHUA enjoys yoga and spending time with her cat and betta fish. Her microfiction was a runner-up in a Mysterious Photograph contest at Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

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