Sunday, February 3, 2008


Before I ever thought to write poetry, I was a fan, editor, and writer of crime fiction. I especially enjoy how every paragraph, every sentence, every word has purpose: to plant clues, reveal character, move toward resolution.

I've come to appreciate the same purpose in poetry and have learned there are some moments, some images poetry captures much better than prose.

In September 2007, knowing of my poetry and my work as Fiction Editor for The Thrilling Detective Web Site, Alex Echevarria Roman wrote me suggesting an anthology of crime-themed poems. I told him I'd bring the idea up to a handful of poets I knew with hardboiled and noir sensibilities. I started with Anthony Rainone, who wrote "Raven in a Trenchcoat: Hardboiled and Noir Poetry" for Mystery Scene Magazine, and Maine writer Patrick Shawn Bagley, who was featured in the article. I then enlisted the help of Richie Narvaez, founder of The Journal of Asinine Poetry, and the project grew from there.

I'd like to thank Richie, Patrick, and Anthony for helping assemble The Lineup, and everyone who accepted our invitation to contribute. We hope both fiction and poetry readers enjoy.

This companion blog will feature contributor bios, insights from Lineup contributors, and updates on their activities. Feel free to comment.

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