Sunday, March 2, 2008

Daniel Hatadi: Rookie Poet

I wasted lots of valuable time as a musician, a petrol station attendant, and a programmer in the shady world of gambling before turning my attention to crime fiction. Based in Sydney, Australia, I have published several short stories and articles and I am currently working on a novel. My story, BUDDHA BEHIND BARS, will appear in the second Thuglit anthology, SEX THUGS AND ROCK & ROLL in 2009. I recently won the Spinetingler Magazine Special Services To The Industry Award 2007 for my work at Crimespace.

Poetry isn't something I ever thought I'd do, but having spent a decent amount of time plugging away at songwriting, I found myself drawn to it. My first piece was a crime story written in SMS, which I didn't even realise was a poem until others told me. And it was this piece, as well as my crime fiction output that got me invited to contribute to this anthology.

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