Monday, May 26, 2008

Request for Submissions from LEO's and ex-LEO's

From Lineup contributor Sarah Cortez:

Everyone says only cops understand cops. This is probably true. But I think America needs to understand its cops better. We need to tell Americans who we are, what we do, and how we see ourselves. Maybe, even how we see them.

Here’s my challenge to you as a fellow cop. Fire up your lap top. Write about something in policing that means something to you – the case you can’t forget, the car-share you hate, what it felt like your first time as a solo unit. This book of assembled writing by many street cops, jailers, game wardens, school cops, state or federal agents will be full of different perspectives about police work, and how you do and see it. You can write about your life on-duty or off-duty, as long as policing is at the center of your perspective. No training articles; no academic writing, no political ranting. For examples, look at some of the writing by Ed Conlon in “Blue Blood,” or by Gina Gallo in “Armed and Dangerous.”

I’m an experienced writer and editor, and can help you revise your piece of writing. Our goal is a book of true life experiences with the author’s own reflections about the experiences – all written by those of us who police across America. You may not consider yourself a “writer.” That’s fine. Fire up the lap top anyway.

Nuts and Bolts

Each submission must be:
Length: No longer than 7,000 words (negotiable)
Format: Double-spaced, 12 pt. font
Factual - Not made-up, not fiction.
Deadline: October 1, 2008
Language: In English

Submission Process

Email your piece as an attachment to:
If you don’t have email, mail it to: Sarah Cortez, P.O. Box 980579, Houston, TX 77098-0579.

Include the following info with your submission:

Current rank:
Current status: (Active, retired, reserve, etc.)
Current agency:
Email and Alternative email:
Contact phone and Alternative contact phone:
Mailing address:
Bio: (one paragraph that mentions your other publications, if any, and summarizes your LE career.)

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