Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny about Crime

Over at, we are in the last weeks of our 12th asinine poetry contest: asinine crime poems! FIRST PRIZE: $100.

Here's the 411:

Or, rather, the Capone of poetry. We're calling you out to write poems in a niche category of poetry--the crime poem. That is, poems about crime. Everything from arson to extortion to murder to zebra-napping, true to fictional. Written in the asinine MO (i.e., funny haha). Can you do it? Are you chicken? Give it a shot. Whatcha gotta lose?

Our guest judge: Tim McLoughlin, the Godfather of Noir and author of Heart of the Old Country. He also edited Brooklyn Noir, first in the Akashic Publishing's Noir Series, as well as Brooklyn Noir 2 and 3.

The top three winning poems will all be considered for publication in the next issue of The Lineup!

One dollar per entry. You may enter up to THREE times. E-mail or snail. No checks please! Go here for more deetz.

DEADLINE VERY SOON: August 1, 2008.

Stay sharp!

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