Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming to CrimeWAV

On May 10th, CrimeWAV—the crime short story podcast hosted by Seth Harwood and produced by Aldo Calcagno—will be airing a special episode of poems from The Lineup.

From Issue 1:

"110 M.P.H. in a Stolen Pickup" by Patrick Shawn Bagley
"Prayer of an Arson Investigator" by Sarah Cortez
"Metro" by R. Narvaez
"Don Henley Will Be Mine" by Misti Rainwater-Lites
"Four Minutes" by Gerald So

From Issue 2:

"Visiting Hours, State Pen" by Amy MacLennan
"A Whisper of Smoke" by Stephen D. Rogers
"A Wild Flaw Amongst Us" by Christopher Watkins

We're currently recording for the episode. Some poems will be read by the poets, others by Seth Harwood and friends. My thanks to Seth and Aldo for the opportunity.

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