Friday, January 8, 2010

Pre-Order The Lineup 3

The Lineup 3 is scheduled to go on sale at,, and independent booksellers April 1, 2010. The retail price will be $7.00 for our largest issue yet (19 poets, 48 pages). Lulu charges an additional $3.99 shipping, plus sales tax on orders shipped to New York and North Carolina. However, today through March 15, you can pre-order Issue 3 directly from Gerald for $7.50 per copy (includes USPS postage). Your copies will be added to our order of contributor copies and should reach you before or shortly after April 1. E-mail Gerald at g_so at yahoo dot com for the pre-order payment address.

UPDATE (April 1, 2010): The Lineup 3 is now on sale. Get it here.

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