Sunday, April 4, 2010

In Focus: Once Upon a Crime Books (Minneapolis, MN)

The Lineup display at Once Upon a Crime (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Once Upon a Crime in Minneapolis was the second independent mystery bookstore to take a chance on The Lineup. Continuing our celebration of National Poetry Month, I asked owners Gary Schulze and Pat Frovarp what first attracted them to The Lineup, and why they continue to support it:

We've always been attracted to, and try to support, independent presses. As long as we like what they have to offer. And it helps when they publish some of our favorite authors. Your "The Lineup" crime poetry series does all that, plus it's attractive and affordable. I was thrilled when I saw that Anne Frasier has a poem in #3. And we'll read anything by Reed Coleman or Ken Bruen - they seem to be born poets. Thank you for providing this unique venue not only for them, but for all authors with a voice that should be heard.

Gary & Pat
Once Upon a Crime

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