Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hear The Lineup #4 on CrimeWAV

The Lineup's third appearance on Seth Harwood's CrimeWAV features seven poems from Issue 4:

"A Story to Tell Our Daughter" by Keith Rawson (read by Gerald So)
"Slider, Part 7" by Reed Farrel Coleman (read by Richie Narvaez)
"Bargain" by David Corbett (read by Corbett)
"Finding Opal" by Mary Agnes Dalrymple (read by Gerald So)
"Madonna Peed On My Face by Chad Rohrbacher (read by Richie Narvaez)
"Street Girls: Selected Memories" by Stephen Jay Schwartz (read by Schwartz)
"The Balance Lost" by Steve Weddle (read by Peter Linari)

Listen to The Lineup #4 on CrimeWAV.

Today is also Palms Sunday, named for Seth's debut novel protagonist, Jack Palms (Jack Wakes Up). The latest story featuring Jack, "Triad Death Match", is now available as an eBook.

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