Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sample Poems

Links to some poems that first appeared or were reprinted in The Lineup (Issue number in parentheses):

Patrick Shawn Bagley, "110 M.P.H. in a Stolen Pickup" (1)
David Corbett, "Bargain" (4)
Sarah Cortez, "Serial Killer" (3)
Anne Frasier, "Home" (3)
H. Palmer Hall, "The Collector" (4)
Peter Meinke, "What Wild-Eyed Murderer" (4)
Carol Novack, "Willie" (2)
Gerald So, "Witness Protection" (1)
Gerald So, "Mickey Spillane" (1)
John Stickney, "Creation" (4)
Wallace Stroby, "Independence Day, 1976" (3)
Charles Harper Webb, "Prayer for The Man Who Mugged My Father, 72" (4)

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