Thursday, June 2, 2011

Clips from an Evening of Criminally Good Verse

We were able to shoot video of almost all the poems read at Tuesday night's Cornelia Street Cafe reading with Lineup #4 contributors Jeanne Dickey and Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson and editors Reed Farrel Coleman, Sarah Cortez, and Richie Narvaez.

Below are the videos in chronological order. Click on the arrow icons or the links to play.

Jeanne Dickey - "Desires"
Jeanne Dickey - "The Fat Lady Sings"
Jeanne Dickey - "Red"
Jeanne Dickey - "An Elegy for Susan Atkins" (from The Lineup #4)
Jeanne Dickey - "The Shadow Man Visits a Babysitter" (from The Lineup #4)
Jeanne Dickey - "Dogs of Prayer"
Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson
Richie Narvaez - "Papi Was a Numbers Runner" (from The Lineup #1)
Richie Narvaez - "Metro" (from The Lineup #1)
Richie Narvaez - "Judgment Day" (from The Lineup #1)
Richie Narvaez - "Christ at 13"
Richie Narvaez - "Catching Cupid"
Sarah Cortez - "He's The One" (from The Lineup #1)
Sarah Cortez - "Two Cases..."
Sarah Cortez - "Serial Killer" (from The Lineup #3)
Sarah Cortez - "Poem for a Dying Officer"
Reed Farrel Coleman - "Daddy's Other Shoe"
Reed Farrel Coleman - "The Dying Man" (from The Lineup #2)

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended, and to the cafe management. Visit our Books section to find or purchase copies of The Lineup.

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