Saturday, August 20, 2011

Steve Peacock, Voice of The Five-Two

Volunteer performers record Five-Two Poems of the Week for poets unable to do so. If you'd like to become a Voice of The Five-Two, contact me.

Steve is a writer and emcee/ring announcer/voice talent who was born in the Bronx and now lives in New Jersey. His poetry has appeared in The Five-Two, Monkeybicycle, Edison Literary Review, and InDigest. An excerpt from his true-crime memoir-in-progress, "Play Dead, Roll Over," was an unpublished finalist in Creative Nonfiction magazine's "Anger & Revenge" contest in 2011. Gravel: A Literary Journal and Crime Factory have since published separate excerpts. Peacock has been writing professionally since 1995, when The Tampa Tribune juxtaposed his editorial "Sleaze Has an Allure Only Money Can Buy” against famed columnist Mike Royko’s perspective on actor Hugh Grant’s prostitution scandal.

Poems read by Steve


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