Monday, December 26, 2011

Duane Spurlock

Holiday sales job
Cashier desk customer surge
Skimming credit cards

Gerald So reads Duane's haiku:

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Duane confesses: Pre-Black-Friday stress in the bank, unwilling witness to complaints: yoked by despair, choked by a tightening skein of fees. Everyone in the place slumped with the pressure of holiday economics. I thought about the larcenous methods clever folks might apply as leverage against the weight. The haiku was the result.

DUANE SPURLOCK is a writer and illustrator. His most recent eBook is A Quiet Night in the Dark in LaPlata, Missouri, 1942, which is available for the Kindle. A book he illustrated, The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories, written by Brian Showers, won the 2008 Children of the Night Award from the Dracula Society. He lives with his family in Kentucky, where they whistle, garden, and tell each other stories.

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