Monday, December 19, 2011

Jay Stringer


He slams the door
in my face,
the polite form of
"Point that gun someplace else."

As if this itch
will scratch itself.

I'll try the back door.

Jay reads "Cold Call", followed by a taped confession:

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Jay confesses: When Gerald first invited me to write a poem, I panicked. Then I tried to be clever, and failed. Then I took away the pressure of “writing a poem” and decided to write the shortest crime story I could, with no frills and no attempt to be smart.

JAY STRINGER is a High-Tech Low-Life. He’s an award nominated writer of novels, short fiction, and film essays. Born and raised in the Black Country, he is currently on the lam in Glasgow, but plots a permanent move to New York. You can find Jay every Thursday at, every five minutes at and very occasionally at He's repped by Stacia Decker at DMLA.

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