Monday, January 9, 2012

Charles Rammelkamp


Give us this day our daily lust,
in the heart,
as Jesus would have it,
adultery no less a fact for merely thinking it.

I sit in the darkened theater
watching Marilyn Monroe singing
"I'm Through with Love,"
wrapped up in a gangster fantasy
accompanied by an aching erection,
me fucking the daylights out of her,
over and over and over
on the train down from Chicago,
in the Miami Beach hotel,
on Osgood Fielding's yacht,
a cinematic fantasy so vivid,
I swear I smell those female odors;
my nostrils dilate
like flowers opening to morning light
and my fingertips feel
the viscous female fluids.

More than a fleeting thought, a passing desire,
but then again,
nothing more than thought, either.
The lights come on.
The movie's over.

Gerald So reads "Some Like It Hot":

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Charles confesses: "Some Like It Hot, the movie about gangsters during Prohibition, has always been one of my favorites.  My poem, 'Some Like It Hot,' is part of a series I wrote called 'Give Us This Day,' with titles like 'Our Daily Day,' 'Our Daily Sorrow,' 'Our Daily Laugh,' 'Our Daily Blasphemy'."

CHARLES RAMMELKAMP lives in Baltimore and edits the online journal, The Potomac. In 2012 Time Being Books will publish his collection Fusen Bakudan involving missionaries during the Vietnam war, and a chapbook of poems entitled Mixed Signals is forthcoming from MuscleHead Press.


fieldinski said...

great poem! if you change erection to hard on it will be even better!

Anonymous said...

It is just so full of lust it makes me horny, yet I had no thought of it until I envisioned it. Really hard core poetry that involves the reader's sense of smell and then evokes their sexuality.

Robin Billings said...

Evocative and in-the-moment. I was there, reading it. Love it.