Monday, January 23, 2012

Randall Avilez


when they asked me about the law
i told them i was an honest man
i swore on the bible but they did not care
life for them must be hollow

i asked what exactly an outlaw was
they gave me vague answers
i lit a cigarette not particularly worried
they read my sentence

a few years on drug possession, trafficking didn't stick
no one chokes on swallowed pride
the judge looked hard and mean
as i walked, i said, i regret nothing and god is forgiving

nobody tells a drug addict to be a drug addict
they just let him commit suicide in silence
and i liked that
slowly dying under blue skies

Randall reads "Outlaw at Peace":

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Randall confesses: "As a kid I may have had a run in or two with California's drug laws. I remember realizing early on that they were more of a nuisance than any kind of rehabilitation or deterrence to drug use. That is probably more of a crime than anything I did."

RANDALL AVILEZ is poet and musician from southern California. He is currently attending Fullerton Community College and can be reached at avilez DOT fletch AT yahoo DOT com.

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