Monday, February 6, 2012

Nyla Alisia


Dark glasses at night,
disguise the unblinking white,
hide well my lover's stare,
that follows you, everywhere.
Your lips move beyond my hearing,
but not for long,
I know it's me you're simply daring,
to just come ...closer,
like when I bend over,
while watching you sleeping.
Some call it peeping,
but what do they know of this?
Over and over,
breath sucked in from an almost kiss,
held inside me
as I stand in the shadows
like this,
and this,
and this.
All night,
till early hours turn late,
the second hand races around the clock
as I wait,
watching till just moments before;
silver-handled scissors snip
another lock of your hair,
another night's souvenir.
Then, out the window,
as your alarm clock rings,
I disappear
with only seconds to spare.

Nyla reads "Enter the Sandman: 31S love affair":

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Nyla confesses: "I didn't mean to do it, honest, he was asking for it, taunting me, provoking me. I would have never done something like this on my own. I don't know what came over me. He called it a writing prompt, but I knew there was more to it, he asked for a stalker, he asked for it.... be careful what you ask for!"

NYLA ALISIA is an award-winning poet, performance poetry artist and talk-radio personality. Her poem The Secret Of Me, is nominated for the 2012 Pushcart Prize. Nyla is the founder and host of three international poetry radio programs, The SpeakEasy Cafe open-mic poetry radio show, Re-verse and The Inkwell. She teaches Writer's-Block Is Just An Urban Legend and Stop Pissing Off Your Muse, workshops for writers.


Nyla Alisia said...

Thank you so much for letting me share my poem with you! I may never get a date again, but that's okay, this was great fun. ~laughing~

You and your journal are just wonderful! Spreading the word!

Andrew Scott said...

This is fabulous. It seeps right into a persons thinking.

The audio itself is very frightening and has the voice that extremely eerie.

Jake Stauffer said...

I always thought you were sweet, now I am a bit frightened! Great audio!

Nyla Alisia said...

Bwaaahahah! Thanks Mr. Scott... Where did you say you were from?

Nyla Alisia said...

~laughing~ Thanks Jake!

SpeakEasy Cafe said...

Great hearing this on the air!

Ellenelizabeth Cernek - Kashk said...

This is so insightfully creepy! Loved it like crazy! You need to do some darker poetry for fun, because this is the flip side of you! Like Doctor Jeckle and Mr. Hide!
See you at speak easy cafe

Nyla Alisia said...

Haha,, Thanks Michael!

Nyla Alisia said...

~laughing~ Thank you Ellenlizabeth! I was so worried about anyone I know hearing it! They all think I am so sweet! I do have some pretty dark stuff, but I do not share it much, even though it is very fun to write! xoxox Talk to you next week on the show love!