Monday, March 26, 2012

Brett Peruzzi


His memory is frozen in a department photo—thick mustache, tall bobby's hat, tunic buttons gleaming—the camera's flash foreshadowing the single shot that killed him when a stranger slipped away into McGrath Square, then behind a curtain of rain, never to be found.

Brett reads "In Flash of Light":

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Brett confesses: "Reading a history of Framingham, Massachusetts, where I live, I learned about William H. Welch. The only police officer ever killed in the line of duty in Framingham, his 1923 murder remains unsolved. Seeing Welch's photo, the similarity between a camera's flash and muzzle flash lighting the night stuck with me."

BRETT PERUZZI's poems have appeared in numerous publications, including Sahara, Pine Island Journal of New England Poetry, Frogpond, Brussels Sprout, and several anthologies.

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