Friday, May 11, 2012

R.I.P. Carol Novack (1948-2011)

I'm saddened to have learned Lineup #2 alum Carol Novack passed away from lung cancer on December 29, 2011. Carol, a former criminal defense and constitutional lawyer in NYC, was the founder of the multimedia e-journal Mad Hatters' Review, and was instrumental in getting The Lineup its first live reading, at KGB Bar in October 2009. She moved from New York to North Carolina in May 2010.

A collection of inventions, "Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack," was published by Crossing Chaos: Enigmatic Ink in 2010. Works may be found in more than 75 journals, including: 5_trope; Action, Yes; American Letters & Commentary; Diagram; Drunken Boat; Exquisite Corpse; First Intensity; Gargoyle; Journal of Experimental Fiction; Lamination Colony; La Petite Zine; LIT; MILK; Notre Dame Review; Otoliths, and Wheelhouse, and in anthologies, including: "The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets;" "Heide Hatry: Heads and Tales" "Online Writings: The Best of the First Ten Years;" and an Italian collection. Writings have been translated into French, Italian, Romanian, and Spanish.

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