Monday, June 11, 2012

Alec Cizak


He folded them open, from their legs
to their shoulders, peeled them like grapefruits,
thinking, the prize in the center would better
a Mickey Mantle mini-baseball card, found
in a box of Cracker Jack, purchased,
at the same convenience store
he picked up his last victim,

Preparing a human was no different
than preparing a cow; meat is (basically) meat,
and old Ed figured out the brutal truth—

Meat is Art:

Lamp shades made of human skin,
soup bowls made of human skulls,
the tapestry in the shed, decapitated Bernice
hanging upside down, split and gutted;


Alec reads "Ed Gein":

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Alec confesses: "The story of Ed Gein has been told so many times, I figured a poem might provide the final word on the matter. The trick was including the historical frame, the man's aesthetics, and sexual dysfunction. Hopefully, the result provides a fresh understanding of the man and America at large."

ALEC CIZAK is a writer from Indianapolis. His work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. He is also the editor of a print journal called Pulp Modern.

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