Monday, October 29, 2012

Bradley McIlwain


Whitechapel, 1888

Pipe smoke stains
the surface.

But what's beneath?
A question.

The game is afoot.
Pleasure of inquiry

comes too late, when
light has left the eyes,

when blood and bone
speak volumes.

A messenger at your door.
You can tell by the squeak

of his shoes. Lips quiver.

Your calling. Language
of clues,

dark poems and modus

Missing organs, a puzzle,
like clockwork,

ticks on tissue. The killer
vanishes under the night.

Bradley reads "Inspector Abberline":

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Bradley confesses: "This poem was inspired by real-life Inspector Frederick Abberline, who was tasked with investigating the notorious serial murders of 'Jack the Ripper' following the death of Mary Ann Nichols on August 31st, 1888."

BRADLEY MCILWAIN is a Canada-based writer and poet who lives and works in rural Ontario as a freelance reporter, covering stories on local heritage, the arts, and human interest. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honours, from Trent University, with a major in English Literature. Recently, his work has been featured in Love Notes, an anthology of romantic poetry from Vagabondage Press. To learn more, you can visit his blog at

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