Monday, March 11, 2013

Steve Hood


Rat a tat tat, rat a tat
softly echoes down the way,
and high pitched screams,
over by the elementary school.

After much begging, the mother
let her six-year-old girl
wear her new pink dress and boots,
with a big smile.

Misanthropic semi-automatic,
slice down twenty-six souls,
as civilization crumbles,
sinks into failures and lies.

A teacher's aide tried
to shield a special needs child
with her body from rounds
that killed them both.

Steve reads "Hopscotch":

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Steve confesses: "While poetry should not be too political, I believe it can and should make a statement about the world we live in. 'Hopscotch' may be in part a protest of the easy availability of powerful weapons, but more than that, it is intended to be a memorial for the victims."

STEVE HOOD is an attorney and political activist living in Bellingham, WA. His poems have appeared in Windfall, Washington Free Press, and Whatcom Watch. His first chapbook entitled From Here To Astronomy, was published by Pudding House. One of the poems in his chapbook won an award from the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association.

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