Monday, April 8, 2013

William J. Anderson


The sand trap
on the thirteenth
became their beach

On a blanket
beneath the stars
sounds and smells of passion

Tracks of their love
impressions to rake smooth
before the early tee times

She comes to their spot
a glass of wine
a sigh

Reclines on the blanket
stares at the stars
and waits

A tear slides, drops to the hazard
becomes mud
she caresses the sand

His friends wonder
where he went
did something drive him away

"How could you even think of leaving?" she asks
"We were perfect together."
she folds the blanket

As she rakes the sand smooth
she says "I'm glad we could get together
again. Same time tomorrow?"

She pats the sand
and heads to the seventeenth fairway

William reads "Clandestine":

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William confesses: "A friend who has read my novel and many of my poems asked me if I had ever considered telling a mystery in the form of a poem. Shortly after, the woman in 'Clandestine' came to me and wanted her story told and it came out as this poem."

WILLIAM J. ANDERSON writes poetry and fiction and observes the world, which provides more than enough subjects to write about, from his home in Champlin, Minnesota. Writing is more fun than marketing, so "Clandestine" is the first poem submitted and accepted in a number of years. He's proud to make his comeback in The 5-2.