Monday, May 20, 2013

Josefine Petersen


before I closed my eyes
I caught a glimpse of her garter belt
strangling my hard earned dollars,
and then hidden behind a skirt of finest silk—
I imagined thousands of silkworms
crawling up her legs.
she made a good living as a hooker
more than I ever would
we both bared our souls for a quick buck,
"see you later, boy," she said.
one foot after the other
slipped into high heels
and trickling down that milky skin—
my blood, sweat and tears.
“don’t be a stranger now,” she said,
“I miss you when I don’t see you baby,”
her perfect bosom heaving with apathy
a room that smells like broken spirits
and cigarettes.
I'm a post-climactic train wreck of remorse,
regret made me the fool
"I will always be a fool," I said,
then I closed my eyes
and she left me—
alone again,
I dreamt of white mulberry trees.

Gerald So and Josefine perform "Silk":

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Josefine confesses: "Inspired by a character in a film, 'Silk' explores the moment instantly following a quick fix. The harsh light of reality burns your skin, and all that remains is the growing chaos within. As the veil of emotion lifts, you're left wondering, was the brief pleasure worth the lingering agony?"

JOSEFINE PETERSEN grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. Her writing, a relatively short but intense affair, comprises mostly poetry and short stories. Two of her other poems have been previously published, "The Man With No Name" on The UK Poetry Library and "The Storm" on Poetry Super Highway. Josefine currently lives in Los Angeles with her cats, Cactus and Weeza.

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Niko said...

Loved the poem! And you are a beauty Josefine!