Monday, May 6, 2013

Nicole C. Scott


That's what you told me to do
As you were dropping me off
I was all like look that's my
Just moved here got broke in
On Valentine’s Day
I said no
Way I'd ever fire
A gun for Christ's sake
But it's been a week
I keep
Finding more has been stolen
I noticed
And my purse gone
Right away then later
My quite old
Digital camera
And now my external hard drive
What is next?
The landlord
Boarded up
My window but perhaps
I should get me a gun
And for the men that want
To steal
My heart from my bed I'm ready
And glad
To protect myself
To shoot straight

Nicole reads "Get a Gun":

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Nicole confesses: "Unfortunately this poem is a true story. I wasn't able to make the police report until a few days later, which served no purpose anyway. Another sad item to lose was my audio recorder. At the time of writing, I was just starting a new job and completely broke."

NICOLE C. SCOTT lives and writes in Seattle, WA. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and Philosophy from University of Washington, where she was an editor at the student literary arts publication Bricolage. She loves writing sonnets. More of her poetry can be found at

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