Monday, June 17, 2013

David S. Pointer


At the PCB Superfund
Cleanup Site not much
went on, but silence
percolated fear like
fresh coffee, and if
an unauthorized guard
went exploring through
the chemicals-he got fired
and when the Mayor
wanted to consult with
onsite FBI he got a
special white suit that
he modeled like a mini-
Martian from my child-
hood wrapped in a honey
combed coil cape running
around the toxic black
barrels issuing muffled
orders to the big boys
nobody bothered to
decipher or understand

David reads "Memories of Holden, MO":

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David confesses: "I was a security officer at Rose Chemical Plant years ago while going to college. Recently, I started working on a poem about that time, and 'Memories of Holden, MO' came bubbling to the surface."

DAVID S. POINTER has recent poetry in The Southern Poetry Anthology Series, Volume 5: Georgia. Recent anthology appearances in "Noir", "Poe-It!", "Grave Robbers", and Proud to Be: Writings From American Warriors.

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