Monday, July 1, 2013

Max West


I never minded the people
who grabbed a ripe lemon
as they passed our tree
but I've never understood the ones
determined to pluck
every last fruit,
including those
that aren't ready—
so long as any one human
possesses this mentality
our whole race will remain

Max reads "Mentality":

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Max confesses: "'Mentality' was inspired by looking out of my bedroom window one morning, and seeing an entire family up in my lemon tree, armed with garbage bags! I yelled, 'Hey, can you at least leave me one?'"

MAX WEST is a creative writer, musician, and graduate of UC Davis, who has published articles, a book entitled Fourteen Months and Two Weeks Downtown: A Fictional Documentary with Names Changed to Protect the Guilty, and several books of poetry, including Professions, Pocket Poems Vol. 1, and Semi-Serious Multi-Faceted Flowering Wheel Poem. He resides in Sacramento, California. More words available at

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