Friday, August 9, 2013

Guest Editor Terry Trowbridge, Deadline: September 30, 2013

Guest editor Terry Trowbridge will choose the Poem of the Week for October 21–27, 2013 from submissions received August 9–September 30, 2013. To submit to Terry, email G_SO at YAHOO dot COM with the subject line "5-2 Poetry for Trowbridge", and follow the rest of the guidelines as usual. I will be accepting regular submissions at the same time.

Terry Trowbridge is a Ph.D. candidate in Socio-Legal Studies at York University in Toronto, Ontario. His research focuses on St. Catharines, Ontario, the city in his upcoming 5-2 poem, "A Typical Night in Western Hill".

His essays have been published in Rampike (2010) and Ariel (2010). He has co-authored literary criticism about poetry and cryptography in conference proceedings of the IEEE (2009, 2011), the ACM (2012), and also in Rampike (2012). His poetry has appeared in various venues, most recently dead (g)end(er) magazine (2011), Carousel (2013), and two chapbooks from Grey Borders Press in Niagara Falls, Slimy Bugs (2007), and That’s Why They Shit So Much: Self-help for Living with Passive-aggressive Cats (2011).

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