Monday, September 23, 2013

H.B. Ussach


Secrets lie in the shallows,
strewn along sandy bottoms
where reeds hide dark deeds,
where sweet and sour scents
mix with those from the sea;
A corpse lies salted in a pond—
right there—
Down below the road where cool water
calls passing drivers to stop a while
to rest their mean red eyes.

H.B. reads "The Salted Corpse":

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H.B. confesses: "A journalist digs for a story, sure that something lurks behind a façade or under the surface. As a poet in addition to a journalist, I seek the good in bad, the bad in good, comedy in tragedy, tragedy in comedy, and ugliness in beauty."

H.B. USSACH teaches critical writing, literature, technical communication, and public speaking at Roger Williams University (RI) and Bristol Community College (MA). He is a journalist, editor and published writer with a B.A. from Queens College/CUNY and an M.A. in print journalism from American University, Washington, D.C. Previous poems have appeared in Blueline, the literary review of SUNY-Potsdam; The Wall Street Journal; The New Bedfor Standard Times; and recited at BCC and Whaling City Review poetry readings.

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