Monday, September 2, 2013

Robert Cooperman


No more words,
no more petitions,
no more begging,

no more waiting like mice
for the night riders
who will surely ride again.

They're armed. We'll arm.
They want war, we'll give them
war: blood in the streets,

blood in their strongholds.
They call themselves, "Colorblind."
Liars. They claim they're victims.

Liars: blind to everyone's rights
but their own. They want war,
we'll give them war,

to the end, to the death.
No more words,
no begging for fairness.

They won't listen;
they'll laugh, demand
their god strike us dead.

Their god never existed,
except in their sullen, stupid,
vicious heads. They want

war, we'll give them war.

Gerald So reads "On Hearing the Supreme Court's Ruling...":

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Cooperman confesses: "After the Supreme Court (or its five thuggish Republican appointed members) struck down the Voting Right Act and thrust the South back into the Jim Crow era, I went wild with rage. When I could breathe again, it hit me that what they were really after was race warfare, up to and including murder, in the name of White Supremacy and States' Rights."

ROBERT COOPERMAN is the author of fourteen poetry collections, most recently Little Timothy in Heaven (March Street Press) and several chapbooks.

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