Monday, October 14, 2013

Sasha Swarup-Deuser


After her death, a forty kilogram wax double was made. Her dress and her underwear, alone, totaled $1,500. Viktor Zharkovsky, the sculptor of the encaustic replica, invited the public to view his latest. Muteness. Gasps! Vandals had struck! Marilyn was completely naked, her arms torn off, her legs broken. Specialists examined Marilyn—her artificial body was covered in semen. Sperm was discovered on her dress, on the frill adorning her pelvis. According to police, the exhibit had received teenage visitors. (The prime suspects.) Zharkovsky was beside himself, looking at his girl. It is very difficult to take the clothes off a fragile, wax statue. Even we professionals take quite a bit of time to complete this process. They were in a hurry; one of them tried to spread Marilyn's legs apart. There is now a huge crack forming at her pubis. They damaged her arms and legs while they were trying to lay her on the vinyl flooring. Now, the idol needs to be recreated. Reformed. In fact, the whole figure will have to be remade. On top of everything the fetishists stole, Marilyn’s couture lace panties were snatched. Zharkovsky worked on Marilyn's figure for nearly six months, studying hundreds of her photos and films. Her dress was custom-made with Indian silks and Egyptian cottons. He bought her lingerie at the Wild Orchid. And now he must start all over again.

Sasha reads "Marilyn Monroe":

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Sasha confesses: "The idea that art can capture the quintessence of beauty to such a degree that it could trigger criminal behavior is fascinating. That an object made in the image of beauty can bring such a range of complicated actions and emotions is simply human."

SASHA SWARUP-DEUSER is a poet whose work has appeared in The Squaw Valley Review, DASH, and Calliope.

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