Monday, November 11, 2013

David S. Pointer


Grace traded her brewing
spoon for a mash paddle
complete with worm gear,
silver egg timer, and copper
wort wire converted to still
and ATF thought it was all
going to explode like a big
turkey fryer, but Grace had
paid the boes in product to
scatter in all directions when
law dog shoe leather hit the
land further scattering quail,
pheasant and other wildlife
letting home base know it
was time to vaporize fast as
propane mermaids fermenting
fine quality lunatic soup on
a mobile basis since 1922.

David reads "Wet Wind Distribution":

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David confesses: "I got to thinking about a woman long ago that sold my grandfather a jar of moonshine in Arkansas. Eventually, I got an itch to write a female-based poem, and 'Wet Wind Distribution' was the result."

DAVID S. POINTER, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a military policeman, has work included in The Southern Poetry Anthology Series, Volume: VI Tennessee. His latest poetry book is entitled Oncoming Crime Facts.

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