Monday, September 15, 2014

Catherine Wald


God, the world's first and biggest liar,
that crazy-ass creator with no
qualms about conjuring woman
from a stolen body part,
claimed the fruit would
kill them;

still, Eve felt no need
to resist the hissing, refuse
to flirt with wily words.
Why should she not have
grabbed (not timidly)
and devoured (not nibbled,
not tasted) that perfectly
ripe reality?

After seizing his share, Adam-
come-lately counseled cover-
up. Eve shrugged. Fed up
with patriarchs, she
was ready to see
past paradise.

Catherine reads "Eve Shrugged":

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Catherine confesses: "The story of Eve eating the apple, and then getting punished, has bugged me since I was a little kid. I decided to retell it as if Eve was proud of what she'd done, without permission—and that it led her to a better life."

CATHERINE WALD is an author and poet with an unimpressive criminal record. Her chapbook, Distant, burned-out stars was published by Finishing Line Press in 2011.

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