Monday, October 6, 2014

Heidi Kraay


unwanted invader
checking calling stalking

leave her be

man wants to mine to own to cut

takes captive wide eyed love
plagues her with stories

pukes tears on lap

book smarts won't recall her truth
won't shield vicious touch

takes a bloody nose
lamp crash
enchilada expressions
brain ringing
broken morning

takes nerve

Heidi reads "dance obsolete obstinancy":

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Heidi confesses:"This poem was inspired by a request for poems based on the word 'nerve', which prompted memories from my abusive relationship with a charismatic sociopath. Images from this piece came from our last encounter, before I found the courage to leave and stay gone."

Playwright HEIDI KRAAY makes theater and writes anything she can—including poems. She loves bridging gaps between genres through collaboration. Selected poems are published or scheduled for publishing by The Cabin, Black Heart Magazine, Limn Literary & Arts Journal, Anastamoo, and more. Other poems have been used like music for interdisciplinary performances through Ghosts & Projectors (Boise, ID) Boise Creative & Improvised Music Festival (B-CIMF), Off Center Dance (Boise) and Sandbox Theatre (Twin Cities, MN). Plays, including New Eden, Dirt, Me and My Shadow, Kilgore, and others have been presented by Seven Devils Playwrights Conference (McCall, ID), id Theater (NYC), B-CIMF, HomeGrown Theatre (Boise), The Cabin (Boise) and others. Heidi holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Boise State University and is a new M.F.A. candidate at California Institute of Integral Studies. A teaching writer, she loves working with young artists and learning from them.

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