Monday, November 17, 2014

William G. Rector


From the picture
in the cross hairs
(the President's head)
the rest of the gun

has been fashioned.
Turning at high speed
three black screws,
boom, boom, boom,

fix parts together.
Pleased with
what you've done?
Pull the trigger.

Nothing happens
because it already did.
Your head echoes.
The Book Depository

is soon overrun
by readers who
thumb every room
but don't find you

or the weapon,
which is in your head
and no longer looks
like what it did.

Bill reads "Escape from Dallas":

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Bill confesses: "I think every murder occurs in a mirror. The victim and killer are there confined, but so are those who observe from afar. Dallas was a mirror as wide as the country and as small as a wound, and we won't escape it."

WILLIAM G. RECTOR is a physician who is also a poet. Perhaps that early training in pathology led him to an interest in crime, as a number of his poems concern criminals, although usually in an historical context.

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