Monday, January 12, 2015

Lisa Olsson


1. Do convince her that she is in charge.
2. Don't lock doors. Use fear to control.
3. Do adore her, make her feel loved.
4. Don't stay in one place. Move far away.
5. Do confess old hurts. Let her comfort you.
6. Do use hands, feet, knives, rope, guns.
7. Don’t discuss with family and friends.
8. Do encourage lying about welts.
9. Do apologize. You have no choice.
10. Do explain that only she can make it stop.
11. Don't go out when she is bruised.
12. Do discourage calls to sisters.
13. Do stalk her if she leaves.
14. Don't be clear about what you expect.
15. Don't feel sorry when she cries hard.
16. Don't tolerate the small mistake. Punish hard.

Lisa reads "Rules Etiquette":

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Lisa confesses: "I wrote 'Rules of Etiquette' after memories of an unhealthy high school relationship were triggered by hearing a TED Talk on why victims of domestic violence don't leave, by Leslie Morgan Steiner."

LISA OLSSON is a poet, musician, artist who living near New York City. Formerly a Design Director for Pearson Education, she currently teaches cello in her music studio and at Hudson River School of Music. Her poems have appeared in Les Femmes Folles, Ginosko Literary Journal #15 and in the forthcoming Westchester Review 2015. Lisa holds a B.A. in English from Wesleyan University.

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