Monday, February 16, 2015

Phyllis Wax


Oh, my dear persuader,
I couldn't fall asleep without you
here beside me.

Just the thought triggers panic—
you are my protector, my savior, my love.

Your cute snub nose and steadying grip,
your steely frame, comfort me
my faithful Roscoe, my hot
Rod. Though I walk through the valley
or the tough city streets, I fear nothing.
You are with me. You are my pocket rocket,
my salvation. I won't let anyone
take you away.

Phyllis reads "Still Waters":

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Phyllis confesses: "I've never wanted a gun in my house. I’ve never wanted a gun at all. When Wisconsin passed concealed carry legislation about three years ago I started thinking about why someone would feel they needed to always carry a gun."

PHYLLIS WAX, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, writes on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan where she tries to keep politics and social issues from drowning out her muse. Sometimes they swim into her poems. Her work has appeared in many anthologies and literary journals, both online and print, among them Out of Line, New Verse News, Verse Wisconsin, Ars Medica, Naugatuck River Review, Your Daily Poem.


Unknown said...

What a great art of poetry delivered!
I love your poems mother!

mjackson-k said...

And so do many of us love your poems--