Monday, March 2, 2015

David S. Pointer


If only old time snatch-
rackets didn’t include the
Lindbergh baby kidnapping
case, and Dr. Foley hadn't
asked me to interview Anne
Morrow Lindbergh I wouldn't
have to keep thinking about
how I wasn't a college theater
major or even a minor bit actor
pretending that I didn't know
about "Lucky Lindy's" extra
families in certain foreign
countries, how I couldn't
bear the thought of bringing
that famous widow and
mother of a murdered child
anymore grief by not being
able to cast and car off to
The Spirit of St. Louis forever
crashing with a post-Victorian
teething ring still aboard

David reads "Passing on a Possible Career-Enhancing Interview Façade":

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David confesses: "This poem was based on true crime and history. It finally dripped out onto the page. It's just one of those poems that haunted me on and off for years and years."

DAVID S. POINTER, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps military police (1980–84), is a frequent Five-Two contributor. In 2014, his work was featured in seven horror-themed anthologies available from Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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