Monday, March 9, 2015

Scott Wozniak


I've heard it said
that windows
are made for gazing
out on the world,
and they are
a poet's best friend.

Well, I believe
that windows
are made for smashing,
and the sound
of shattering glass
is the poet's true voice.

So go,
grab a brick
and raise it high
before your target,
then throw and let
your voice rain down.

Scott reads "Get to Smashing":

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Scott confesses: "This poem was written as a response to a Billy Collins poem wherein he makes the first stanza statement. It's also my trying to give description to that beautiful sound of glass being released from its inanimate confines in correlation to the need for more people to speak truth."

SCOTT WOZNIAK is a poet and short story writer whose works have been featured at Red Fez, Carcinogenic Poetry and, most recently, Midnight Lane Boutique. To contact him or learn more about him go to

1 comment:

Johnny Longfellow said...

Alriiiiiight! Poetry and property damage all in one. Gotta love it . . .

¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n! In case ya' all don't know, that's Spanish for, "Long Live Scott Wozniak!"