Monday, April 20, 2015

Robert Cooperman


Facts are such painful, inconvenient things
when weighed against what we want to believe;
as if wishing were enough to give us wings

to deny science's theorizing,
when the Bible pronounces, "Adam and Eve."
Facts are such painful, inconvenient things.

Evolution trudges through Time's yawning,
dull compared to the Conjurer's crammed sleeve
of Six Magician Days, that gave us wings

to know the divine wand made everything:
or so creationists would smile and deceive.
Yes, facts are nasty, inconvenient things.

Take climate change, when folks are shivering
on the East Coast in a snowbound deep-freeze:
forget worldwide temperatures have taken wing.

All of science's laws arrive with strings;
it's all shifting, revised hypotheses
to fit the evidence, not the phony thing
of forgetting the facts, for wishful wings.

Gerald So reads "Facts":

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Cooperman confesses: 'Facts' was inspired by the utter stupidity of the Religious Wrong. Deranged Christians love to claim there's a war on Christmas. Poppycock! The real war is on science. For instance, to blithefully state there's still doubt global warming is happening, and fast, and if it is happening, it's questionable it's caused by us, the virus in the garden, otherwise known as homo sapiens, is plain dishonest, and heinous. Further, to claim that evolution didn't happen is both ridiculous, laughable, and directly affects our ability to compete on the world stage in the realm of science and technology. I could go on and on, but I'd end up with an apoplectic fit at the mountains of willful ignorance at work in our battered country. So I wrote "Facts" instead."

ROBERT COOPERMAN's fifteenth collection is Just Drive (Brick Road Poetry Press). His manuscript, Draft Board Blues, is seeking a home. Cooperman is a past winner of the Colorado Book Award for Poetry.

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