Monday, July 6, 2015

David S. Pointer


If you grabbed a tactical
entry tool or common
burglar's pry bar and
opened the file cabinet
of Linda's life you'd find
out she'd been a meth
cooking concubine later
abducted by social services
and offered a cut-to the-front
admittance to a local LPN
nursing program even though
she’d used and sold drugs
while the last potential
student having already
waited three years to
start classes finally gave
up and got corralled into
the sex trade before making
an early appointment with
a morgue pathologist, but
this wasn't included in
Linda's pre-life file or
school graduation pamphlet

David reads "Scholastic Musical Chairs":

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David confesses: "This poem started out as an idea to showcase a microcosm of society. Bits and pieces from real life stories swirled into eventual fiction contained in the poem."

DAVID S. POINTER is a longtime Five-Two contributor. Recent acceptances elsewhere include Detectives of the Fantastic anthology, and Fugitives anthology, forthcoming from Thirteen O'clock Press and Sinister Saints Press.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I love this poem, the truth of it, which could very well be applied to housing vouchers for the poor, and a variety of other well-meaning but totally capricious programs for the poor underwritten with our tax dollars.