Monday, July 20, 2015

Peter M. Gordon


I use burner phones
So no one can find me
I always check my six
So no one gets behind me
I study Houdini
So no ropes can bind me

Don't try to reach me
I'm not friendly
Don't try to preach me
I'm a brick wall
Don't try to breach me

I'm not paranoid
They're really
out to get me

Peter reads "Off the Grid":

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Peter confesses: "I started writing this poem after the line about burner phones popped into my head. I had volunteered for a group that helped homeless people in Orlando. Once I thought about their lives living in the woods outside of town, the images came rather quickly. I don't usually write poems that rhyme, but it seemed appropriate for the poem's persona. I remain on the grid in real life -- for now."

PETER M. GORDON's poems have appeared in magazines, books and websites, including Slipstream, the Journal of Florida Literature, 34th Parallel, Cultural Weekly, and the Provo Canyon Review. He's President of Orlando Area Poets, the largest chapter of the Florida State Poetry Association. CHB Media published his poetry collection, Two Car Garage. Peter lives in Orlando, Florida and teaches in Full Sail University's Film Production MFA program.

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