Monday, September 14, 2015

David S. Pointer


The choke-hold specialist
finished off a few more
calendars inside Missouri
State Penitentiary then
returned to Indiana
soon escorting a high
ranking crime boss
outside by way of goose-
neck come-along repeatedly
slamming the man’s head
into a parked car as if it were
a dent puller or bathroom
plunger as the bodyguard
was slumped atop the
steering wheel soon to
sun bloat fast as a
driver’s side airbag

David reads "Post-Frame-Up Friction":

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David confesses: "When I started writing this poem, I just floated into my past life, and childhood thinking about organized crime figures, criminals, martial arts, the military police and before long the poem was completed."

DAVID S. POINTER is a longtime Five-Two contributor. Recent acceptances elsewhere include Detectives of the Fantastic anthology, and Fugitives anthology, forthcoming from Thirteen O'clock Press and Sinister Saints Press.

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