Monday, April 18, 2016

Alan P. Marcus


Over bracken-covered beaches
docked treasures
of yesteryear's song.

A brazen lonely sea,
perilous reef
and the gleaming affliction
of seagulls calling.

Blue sheets of waves
hide torrid currents
concealing a veil
of outpouring zest.

Back to him, she returns.
The ebb and flow dancing
now in perpetual shadows
of amber sandalwood.

Alan reads "I Walked into My Own Trap":

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Alan confesses: "I thought of power and at the same time, how certain circumstances render us powerless. I thought of Janet Leigh's line from the film, Psycho, 'I'm looking for a private island. ...we're all in our private traps. Sometimes, we deliberately step into those traps.'"

ALAN P. MARCUS, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Planning, Towson University, lives in Baltimore. He has published his work on Brazil, race, and Brazilian migration processes in academic peer-reviewed journals and anthologies.

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