Monday, May 23, 2016

April Krassner


In this one, we know a sociopath
is behind the dread, the terror, the evil.
Later we find out it is a pair, so we set off looking
for the dominant and the submissive.
I am fairly sure I have spotted
the right one early on. He has been easy
to spot, hanging around on the outskirts
of gossip, showing up in odd moments,
pretending naïveté, seemingly
detached. Turns out I was right finding him
much earlier than the others. What I lacked
was clear argument. In others words I
was working from gut instinct having read
hundreds of other books just like this one
intent on exploring the darker side
of humanity. But really, I thought
it was going to be something far worse,
a ring of child pornographers woven
so deeply into the geographical
region that arresting one would breed five
more. But that is not what ends up happening.
What ends up happening here is largely
tamed, well brought up, God fearing and angry.

April reads "Must Read":

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April confesses: "I have often been motivated to write from my reading. Sometimes that writing is based on the subject or a line, the plot or a character. This time around I thought about those of us who work to figure out the puzzle of a mystery and those who wait and move in step with the writer."

APRIL KRASSNER teaches both expository and creative writing at NYU’s School of Professional Studies. A poet, her work has appeared in Poet Lore, Anderbo, and Journey to Crone, an anthology of 80 women poets, as well as numerous other publications. For the past sixteen years she has co-directed the Summer Intensive Creative Writing Workshop with Ruth Danon. Ms. Krassner considers herself to be a domestic and political poet always interested in language and how it shapes experience. She is currently working on a manuscript of prose poems that focus on failures of communication within families. April Krassner received her MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College.

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