Monday, September 19, 2016

Paula Willis


Had we but world enough and time
this photo session were no crime,
just a way he can remember
in this, his memory's December,
that with his hand on cock and tits
(our room more mirrored than the Ritz)
he brought himself to splattered joy
with all the gusto of a boy—
elsewise he'd come to break our fast
insisting on another blast.
I'll do my camerawoman's part
and spare Facebook our private art:
I'll hit "delete," not "post" or "share,"
lest our grandkids spy us there.

Clarinda Harriss reads "The Porn-Phone Caper":

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Paula confesses nothing.

PAULA WILLIS is a Baltimorean who has had considerable experience with Alzheimer's sufferers. This and her new experience with the magic of a smart phone are what inspired the poem.

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