Monday, October 31, 2016

David Rachels


The first men he killed
Were jack-o’-lanterns
Late one Hallowe’en night
While other children were locked
Safe in their dark houses.

He crept from porch to porch
Louisville Slugger in hand
Smashing orange heads
Hitting each one
Flush in its pumpkin face.

That was the last time
He ever wore a costume.

David reads "Costume":

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David confesses: "Anyone can become a criminal given the right circumstances. 'Costume' connects this noir theme to Halloween, a night when we expose parts of ourselves that otherwise remain hidden."

DAVID RACHELS is the author of the poetry collection Verse Noir, as well as noir fiction that has appeared in Pulp Modern, Thuglit, Plots with Guns, and similar places.


JJ Cromer said...

Best of the Net 2017

trungtied said...

Best of the Net 2017

Am I doing this right?

Michael Dimmick said...

Best of the Net 2017

Alan Baragona said...

I'm voting for Rachels's "Costume" for "Best of the Net 2017." Nuanced!

RCT said...

You know this is amazingly good when it leaves your heart feeling like its been smashed in like a pumpkin. So good!