Monday, November 7, 2016

Ted Davis


A man with a gun,
hatred and wickedness
shielding his own empty soul,
with body armor
black as the depths of hell.
There is no choice, for you or me.
No time to draw in self-defense,
the only thought crossing
our soon-to-be-victims' minds,
is who do we pray to:
The gunman's God or ours?

Gerald So reads "One Gunman's God":

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Ted confesses: "This particular piece came about as we watched such horrible and senseless killings throughout the world by those who might have claimed it was for their individual religious beliefs or they felt led to do such for their own greater good."

TED DAVIS, retired disabled veteran and fully retired in general, poetry and short stories have been his pursuits over the years with some publication of poetry and nonfiction freelance articles back in the 1980s. He now has plenty of time on his hands, along with life experiences, to formulate his ideas into some form of poetry, verse, etc.

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