Monday, March 13, 2017

Natisha Parsons


I regularly reap where I have not sown
That’s my way of life – I’m lazy to the bone.
Not for me the nine to five: that won’t keep a flea alive!
My time is flexi, I like that – no one owns this sewer rat!
Why, only just the other day I picked a purse with a full month's pay!
At first it niggled just a tad … actually I felt quite bad.
But now I just don’t give a twit – in fact I’ve grown quite used to it.
You go on slogging to the bone, I’ll go on reaping where you've sown.
You're thinking that they’ll get me yet, well … waste no money on a bet.
Why, bless your dear frustrated soul there’s no one yet has caught The Mole.
And that’s the way it’s gonna stay, forever and an extra day!
I pay no rent, I have no bills; I’m free, my life ain’t got no frills.
You own a house, a car or two? Oh no, my friend, those things own you!
And while you figure that one out – it’s time to reap, see you about.

Gerald So reads "The Pickpocket's Proclamation":

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Nat confesses: "I am inspired by such crass boldness. It’s a quality that could be refined and used in life to promote what is good and happily acceptable. A world-wide phenomenon, pickpockets are in a division of their own given that they use their fingers with the deftness of a magician."

NATISHA PARSONS is South African. She enjoys good health and soundness of mind. She likes to think so, anyway. She has a short story, "Granny for Tea", published by Fanele: ISBN: 9781920196349, Love and Revolution: Other Stories by Ether books, Africa Book Club, Brighter Light Poetry, The Flash Fiction Press, and The Voices Project. She has a children’s book, The Children’s Jesus, on Amazon. She is a retired school teacher who likes to say that when she was young and foolish she taught school; now she’s older and wiser, she lives a laid-back life, writing and reading mostly.

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